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What is the “Orthodox Church”

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

The Orthodox Christian Church is often seen as an ethnic church, due to it’s jurisdictions having ethnic titles, such as, but not limited to, the Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Greek, and Serbian Churches. Fortunately, this is far from the truth. What is true is that these ethnic groups do make up many jurisdictions within Orthodox Christianity, but most use the vernacular. Sometimes use of the ethnic language of the jurisdiction may be included to remember the origin of the specific jurisdiction or small insertions of the ethnic language are used throughout the liturgy to show respect to the original founders of the Church.​

It should be known for newcomers, that the Orthodox Christian faith has utilized the same theological and liturgical practices that have passed down by the disciples of Christ. They glorify God using the same traditions and liturgical "work's" of the people, remaining the True Church and Faith, which is the Orthodox Christian Church.​

When you enter an Orthodox Church you see the beauty of the icons that commemorate Christ, the Mother of God and the Holy Saints. These help us direct our lives by the way they lived their lives. You will also, smell the incense ascending like the member’s of the Churches prayers to God and you will see the traditional beauty of the vested clergy, as it was in the early Church and has always remained in Holy Orthodoxy.​

Here at St. Tikhon’s Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia you will find the use of the Western Liturgical beauty of the united canonical Orthodox Christian Church. You will hear our clergy use the English language and our theology is identical with all canonical Orthodox Christian Churches whether Eastern or Western in liturgical Rite. ​

Come see, feel, taste, hear and touch the faith of Holy Orthodoxy, which is and was the faith of the True and Original Church of Christ!

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