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Last weeks Bible Study

As I shoveled snow today, I was thinking about the blessing all of us have been given by having a joint Bible Study with St Andrew’s OCA parish. Further, I considered last week’s topic which was Love.

It made me remember something I read that was said by Abba Dorotheus about love for God and man. He said that mankind is like the rim of a wheel. God is the hub, and each person is like a spoke. If we look at a wheel, we notice that the closer the spokes come to the hub, the closer they come to one another. But man can come close to God and neighbor only through love. It is clear that if one loves God, one will inevitably love one’s neighbors.

As Metropolitan Philaret, of Blessed Memory instructed all of us;

This is truly a wonderful way to remember our ascension from our most simple obligations to our highest, we rise to the apex-our obligations in relationship to God.


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