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Halloween is coming should I partake?

I know this question comes up every year, and some think it means nothing if they become engulfed in the evilness found in many Halloween parties and movies, but what about our Orthodox beliefs?

Metropolitan Philaret, of Blessed memory was quite clear on how we should conduct ourselves with our struggles, as when exist in secular society.

Metropolitan Philaret explains,”A general degeneration of morals and a departure from a pure, ordered Orthodox life-these cannot help but act upon the young soul. Added to these there are motion pictures, literature vying with each other in praising sin and describing it in the most alluring colors, with such complete openness and shamelessness, that it would shock our modest and God fearing ancestors. All this spiritual rottenness and pestilence, corrupting and killing the mind and heart of man.

Terrible is the end of the path of him who disdains, ignores and stubbornly violates the laws of Christian purity and righteousness given by God, thus defiling the body and killing the soul.“

All this said, perhaps it would be good to celebrate the harvest! The abundance of goodness that the Lord has Blessed us with, and to eliminate the demonic and hideous sights and thoughts usually associated with Halloween. Will it be easy? No, but what is and would you have it any other way?

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