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August 29th/September 11th.

Please remember this is a fasting day.

      In memory of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, the feastday established by the Church is also a strict day of fast, – as an expression of the grief of Christians at the violent death of the saint. On this day the Church makes remembrance of soldiers, killed on the field of battle, as established in 1769 at the time of a war of Russia with the Turks and the Poles.

Mentioning that it is the day that our great nation experienced several horrific attacks against our way of life I’m sure is not necessary, but nevertheless it is also a time for us to reflect.

It may be nice to know that in one of my old parishes the priest would instruct us to not use anything round to eat from on this day. It is a wonderful tradition used to commemorate this feast day.

In Christ,

Dcn Joseph

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